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My supplier is nature.

Not only that it's organic and super local.


The pictures above are from my Grandparents Nature reserve a few miles away- If I don't grow my flowers in my garden or forage them from local gardens or back lanes (with permission!)this is where I get my foliage and items to dry from.

I've been an full time wedding florist for nearly 2 years and have worked with the most amazing local suppliers and venues. I pride myself that my business keeps up with the professionalism that I've come to expect here in the county and the gorgeousness that grows here allows me to do that.

Ever heard of a waste free wedding?

Let me help you help the planet!


A waste free wedding is where you consciously make an effort to reduce the amount of waste your wedding day creates to make less of an impact on the environment. From left over food to single use decorations and miles traveled by items like clothing, flowers and other accessories it all adds up!


The average wedding produces-


182 kg of rubbish


63 tons of CO2


the equivalent of 5 peoples waste for a year just on your big day!


In the UK last year there was 221,169 weddings so it all adds up!

All of my items are made in Cornwall, I’m even happy to use items from your garden, not only keeping it close to home but also adding a personal touch. I then air dry these(so no electricity)and make something beautiful from them that can be used after the day and displayed in your home as a reminder of a day celebrating your love with those you love



Yes that's right, this is Horace modelling a collar, your dog can match your scheme on your big day too!

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Back to my roots, dried items for your hair can really finish off your big days plans beautifully!

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